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We are happy to share with you here the stories that have been published by The Grannie Annie.

If you are looking for stories on a particular theme, check our Index of Stories. This comprehensive index of all the stories published by The Grannie Annie will help you find stories on the topics that interest you and will help you and your teachers enhance numerous units of study across your curriculum with personal family stories from The Grannie Annie's anthologies. Story titles in the index are linked to their location on this website.

We also invite you to order or download current and past collections of Grannie Annie stories, which are available in a variety of editions.


Please note that the stories and illustrations shared below appear here with permission of the authors and illustrators. They may be copied and/or printed for limited classroom or personal use. For complete copyright information, or to reprint a story and/or illustration in an article about The Grannie Annie, please contact The Grannie Annie Family Story Celebration.


The Grannie Annie's 18th Collection

The Grannie Annie's 17th Collection

The Grannie Annie's 16th Collection

Grannie Annie, Vol. 15

Grannie Annie, Vol. 14

Grannie Annie, Vol. 13

Grannie Annie, Vol. 12

Grannie Annie, Vol. 11

Grannie Annie, Vol. 10

Grannie Annie, Vol. 9

Grannie Annie, Vol. 8

Grannie Annie, Vol. 7 (plus ten additional stories)

Grannie Annie, Vol. 6, and Vol. 6 Expanded

Grannie Annie, Vol. 5

Grannie Annie, Vol. 4

Grannie Annie, Vol. 3

Grannie Annie, Vol. 2

Grannie Annie, Vol. 1




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