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1. Eye Was Left for Dead (1862–1894) by Juniper Colbert; Missouri, USA
When the U.S. Civil War started, my great-great-great-grandfather Alma Rogers was twenty-three years old. . . .

2. The Whale (1899) by Torch Tebb; Missouri, USA
My great-great-grandfather was named Rasmus Johnson. He was born on March 15, 1889, on an island in . . .

3. Shipwrecked (1917–1918) by Brady Clark; Missouri, USA
In 1917 the United States entered World War I. My great-great-great-uncle Michael O’Donnell worked as a . . .

4. Fish Tree (1944) by Annika Railsback; Colorado, USA
In the 1930s, Indonesia was a Dutch colony. I lived there with my husband, Ari. In 1941, Japan bombed . . .

5. Crossing the Border Every Day (1955–1959) by Katie Pilarski; New York, USA
Can you imagine going to school in a different country than the one you live in? My saba Adam Pilarski would . . .

6. 8,593 Miles Away from Home (1980s) by Sarah Lamb; Missouri, USA
I have always known that my mom’s side of the family immigrated from the Philippines, but it wasn’t until I . . .

7. The Mystery of the Lucky Coins (c. 1990) by Roger Huang; New Jersey, USA
My mom ran about outside on a freezing New Years Eve in China, setting all the firecrackers off. BaM bAm . . .


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