The Grannie Annie is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization.


Your donation to The Grannie
Annie will enable even more
young people to take part,
and will make the published
stories more widely available.


The Grannie Annie welcomes
— and desires to receive and
publish — family stories from
students of every race,
ethnicity, national origin,
religion, and creed.


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Our Supporters

An all-volunteer organization, The Grannie Annie has many to thank — especially those who participate each year: students, parents, and teachers! Sincere thanks also to the following individuals, organizations, and businesses for their contributions of time and talents, and/or financial support over the years.

You are invited to become part of the family of donors and volunteers who support the mission of The Grannie Annie! Your contributions are sincerely appreciated.



Mary Evelyn Anderson

Tom Anderson

Gwen Ashley

Bob Bartles

Sarah Berk

Andy Blumenfeld

Sarah Blumenfeld

Vanessa Bogaty

Jyothi Kosaraju Bose

Tom Bouseman
Blick Art Materials

Dail Chambers
Yeyo Arts Collective

Rita Chu

Charlene Zeni Connolly

Joanne Davis

Sr. Jeremy Dempsey

Sr. Mary Ann Dice

Daphne Drohobyczer

Erin Ellinger

Rory Ellinger

Sr. Kathleen Flanagan

David Florian

Judy Forney

Carol Fouse

Jeff Fouse

Amy Glaser Gage

Belle Gage

Susie Getzschman

Jody Glasgow

Joan Glasser

Jan Green

Sr. Elaine Gregory

Sr. Evelyn Gregory

Joshua Hagan

Jennifer Halling

Fran Hamilton

Charleen Helgesen

Jeff Hirsch

Maurice Hirsch

Therance Jerrod

Carol Kaplan-Lyss

Shoni Kahn

Gina Kan

Jayne Kasten

Sr. Rita Killackey

Susan Kissinger

Gretchen Krivoshia

Elaine Larson

Connie Laughlin

Han Liu

Linda Locke

Sr. Janelle Maes

Jessica Martin

Molly Martin

Sarah McCormick

Connie McIntyre

Rebecca McIntyre

Sr. Mary Beth Niehaus

Alicia Nolte

Doug Nolte

Trudie Olsen

Sharon Orlet

Lynna Overby

Lorri Park

Sharon Peeples

Anne Perkins

Cornelia Petermann

Sonja Petermann

Sr. Deborah Peters

Brad Pierce

Portico Books

Graziella Postolache

Sharon Potts

Katy Reed

Mike Reed

Rob Reed

Linda Relerford

Janet Riehl

Diane Roman

Jude Sacry

Madeleine Sargent

Peter Schenk

Aaron Schnoor

Lynnette Schuepbach

Sr. Martha Schweiger

Pat Simons

Anne Reynolds Smith

Liz Sommers

Judith Sperl

Martha Stegmaier

Joe and Lynn Stephens

Shara Storm

Bob Stretch

Petra Swidler

Carol Teicher

Susie Teicher

Laurie Vincent

Donna Walker

Rhonda West

Deborah Williams

Margaret Winter

Joan Wojciechowski

Leslie Wolk

Gisellys Zarzuela

Kathe Zaslow

Sarah Zaslow



$2,500 and above

Anne Perkins*


$1,000 – $2,499

Jack and Louise McIntyre*


$500 – $999

Fran Hamilton*

Mason Heritage Farms, Inc.

Connie McIntyre and Mike Reed*


$250 – $499

Marianne Kearney*

Jessica Martin*

Laurie Vincent and Brad Pierce*

Steven and Erin Schuver

Raymond H. and Florence L. Sponberg Foundation*


$100 – $249

Ann Berlureau

James Bubash

Richard Chase and Kathryn Freese

Catherine and Themistocles Dassopoulos*

Julie and David Eastlund

Rory Ellinger and Linda Locke*

Bert Francis

Brian Gage, M.D., and Amy Glaser Gage*

Marian and Maurice Hirsch*

Norma Hohl

Anne McCrady

Alicia and Doug Nolte*

Matthew Peters

Pi Pizzeria

Ellen Sherberg and Jerry Rosenblum

Paul S. Simons, M.D., and Pat Simons

Martha Stegmaier*

Richard and Maria Palumbo Tonge

Rhonda West and Bob Prow

Jan and John Wong


$1 – $99

Al-Tarboush Deli

Corporate Benefit Consultants, Inc.

Martin Ellinger

Lisa Tsai Gaughan

Leslie and Steven Goldberg

Karen Hauk and Jim Ellinger

Yvette Holmes

Kristi Hunt

Janet Jordan

Carol B. Kaplan-Lyss and Michael
S. Lyss

Shelly Kopel

Judith Kulczycki

Charles and Christine Kuzma

Anne Lewis

Denise Lieberman

Joy Lieberman

Lisa Luechtefeld

Rebecca McIntyre

Lois and Scott Miller

Kelly Morse

Carol North and Nicholas Kryah

Lynna Overby

Kathryn Reed*

Robert Reed

Trent Robertson

Richard and Nanette Rochberg

Jim Ross

Cynthia and Michael Rother

Sharon Shinn

Alvin and Nancy Siwak

Matthew and Laura Ulrich

Liangwu Xu and Guoyan Zhao

Fanjie Zhou and Chen Gao


*Repeat donor








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