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1. A Venomous Surprise (c. 1900) by Dylan Powers; Missouri, USA
One dreary summer day my great-great-grandpa Hollings went fishing in a lake on his farm. It was sweltering . . .

2. The Brothers at the Dock (1941) by Atticus Poehler; Missouri, USA
This story was told to me by my father and grandfather, who taught me poker when I was five years old. . . .

3. Driving Lessons (late 1940s) by August Eversman; Missouri, USA
In the late 1940s my grandmother Judy was nine years old in a town called Norbeck, South Dakota. Her family . . .

4. Whipped (c. 1955) by Auden McElwain; Missouri, USA
It was summer in the mid-1950s in Montgomery, Alabama, and my great-grandma Lucille Bender was driving . . .

5. Rags to Riches (1958–1981) by Alyssa Dean; Missouri, USA
Pa was fifteen years old when his father died. His mother just wanted to get married, so she married a guy . . .

6. Just the Bear Facts (1960) by Malachy Murphy; Missouri, USA
My grandmother Maureen McGovern was one of four children. Every summer she and her family went on . . .

7. A Field Trip to Remember (c. 1968) by Elizabeth Grady; Missouri, USA
In the late 1960s Linda Louise Wizeman, my grandmother, was a third-grade teacher for forty students in . . .

8. All Eyes Are Watching (1986) by Veronica DelGrosso; Missouri, USA
Imagine watching a spaceship explode in the sky on live TV. That is what happened to my father on January . . .

9. A Glass of Water (1987) by Aloker Pieris; Missouri, USA
Have you ever wondered what it would be like to go through a civil war while trying to study at a university? . . .

10. The Fish Feud (1990s) by Edward T. Rea; Missouri, USA
Stan, my grandpa, returned home from his workday at a company that manufactures dog and cat food. . . .

11. The Light Shines On (c. 1993) by Parker Holdmeier; Missouri, USA
Everything happens for a reason, sometimes for the better or for the worse. My grandma learned this lesson . . .

12. The Unforgettable First Day of Work (2001) by Harris Lane; North Carolina, USA
Where were you on September 11, 2001? If you were alive that day, you most likely remember exactly where . . .

13. The “Broken” Leg (c. 2010) by Daniel Furlan; Missouri, USA
It was a peaceful day when my grandpa, whom I call Vovô,1 got an email inviting him to referee a soccer game . . .


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