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Congratulations to Missouri Authors and Illustrators

The Clayton School District in Clayton, Missouri, has celebrated five students whose works were published in Echoes from World War II. Two students had stories published, and three had illustrations published. Congratulations to these students and also to their families and teachers!


Boise Girl’s Family Story Published in World War II Collection

A story with the headline above was published by the Idaho Statesman on March 11, 2016, in honor of their local celebrated Grannie Annie author. The article includes the author's complete story, "Oranges on the Beach," which tells about the time when the author's grandmother was a child in Wales and oranges washed up on the beach after a cargo ship was torpedoed.


Indiana Author Noted

The Current in Carmel recently interviewed their local Grannie Annie celebratory, who has been published three times by The Grannie Annie. The Indiana author's two stories about his grandmother appeared in annual Grannie Annie volumes published in 2007 and 2008. The two stories were combined into one story for Echoes from World War II. The stories tell about the author's grandmother as a small child, when her family and others of German heritage were forced to leave their homes in Sudetenland and return to Germany.


Texas Honors Grannie Annie Artist/AuthorCover front: Echoes from World War II: Young Writers Sharing Family Stories

The former 7th grade student whose illustration appears on the cover of Echoes from World War II has been honored by the Denton Record-Chronicle. The student, whose historical family story about the attack on Pearl Harbor also appears in the book, is now a university student.







Missouri School District Congratulates Four Students

Three Missouri authors and an illustrator were recognized in their school district for their contributions to Echoes from World War II. The students' works were originally published by The Grannie Annie in annual volumes from 2006 to 2010; the stories they wrote or illustrated deal with Kristallnacht, food rationing, the dangers of a spy's life, and life on a United States Naval ship.


Maryland Students Noted

Two students have been honored in Baltimore Jewish Life for the publication of their historical family stories about World War II. One of the stories tells of a relative's experiences in Germany, on the battleground and also after the end of the war. The other story recounts a family's harrowing experience in hiding, in Poland.


New Jersey Authors Receive Recognition

Four young New Jersey authors whose family stories are published in Echoes from World War II were recognized in The Sparta Independent.

The original "Grannie Annie," whose dedication to family stories inspired The Grannie Annie Family Story Celebration, was a longtime resident of Sparta, New Jersey. You can read more about Ann Guirreri Cutler on this website's About Us page. (Please scroll down to "The Story Behind The Grannie Annie.")


Author Honored in North Carolina

North Carolina student honoredThank you to The O'Neal School for this photo and for celebrating their young author's success! The stories in Echoes from World War II address the complete time span of the war. This young author's story captures her grandfather's experiences aboard a minesweeper — a tiny ship with a big assignment. The story ends at the war's end, with his ship delivering a senior officer to a nearby town by the name of Hiroshima.





Author Linda Austin's Blog Highlights Echoes from World War II

Linda Austin, author of Cherry Blossoms in Twilight, a World War II Japan memoir, recently introduced her readers to The Grannie Annie as well as to Echoes from World War II in her blog dated December 22, 2015. Thanks, Linda, for letting your readers know about The Grannie Annie. And thank you also for the kind words that you shared on the back cover of Echoes from World War II:

"These echoes of history from very personal and multinational perspectives tackle serious topics in engaging styles. Some stories reveal World War II-era experiences most have never heard of before."






Echoes from World War II - Young Writers Sharing Family Stories
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