Grannie Annie, Vol. 7, front coverGrannie Annie, Vol. 7 — Paperback and PDF editions

Selections from The Grannie Annie Family Story Celebration

Be entertained, be enlightened, and be taken by surprise through the engaging family stories in this seventh volume of Grannie Annie!

As you explore the pages of this volume, you’re likely to cross paths with a bear — or two! — or a hard-hearted outlaw, or be swallowed by a cloud of dust. You may be jolted by an explosion or forced down a path you didn’t choose. You’ll definitely be found out — and be wiser for it. But relax — you’ll also have plenty of opportunity to revel in your first snowfall, relive a favorite victory, and ponder the unexplainable.

You'll be carried from the cold winter of 1872 through chilling racial challenges in 1990, with plenty of heartwarming stops and adventures in between. You’ll visit seventeen U.S. states and nine countries in Europe and Asia — and sail on the Mediterranean Sea!

The thirty-six stories included in Grannie Annie, Vol. 7, were selected from stories written by students in U.S. grades 4–8 or by homeschooled or international students 9–14 years of age after interviews with their family storykeepers.

Anthology Copyright 2012; 5 3/8" x 8 3/8"; 108 pages; Color cover, Black-and-white interior art. Sneak a peek at the book. Read the stories.


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