Grannie Annie, Vol. 3Grannie Annie, Vol. 3

Selections from The Grannie Annie Family Story Celebration

Grannie Annie, Vol. 3, dips into the seventeenth and nineteenth centuries, and dives headlong into the mid-twentieth century. It hopscotches between Asia, Europe, and both Americas, landing most frequently on the coasts and plains of North America. In short, the variety of times and places visited in this year’s volume, in addition to the wide range of topics, is sure to keep you turning the pages.

There are stories of excitement, surprise, and pride. There are also stories of fear, sorrow, and regret. It appears that those events in a family’s history that give rise to strong emotion are most likely to be remembered and passed on.

The twenty-six stories included in this third annual volume of Grannie Annie were written by students in U.S. grades 4–8 or by homeschool or international students ages 9–14 based on interviews with their family storykeepers.

Anthology Copyright 2008; 5 3/8" x 8 3/8" paperback; 84 pages; Color cover, Black-and-white interior art. Sneak a peek at the book. Read the stories.


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