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Grannie Annie, Vol. 15  PDF and Paperback edition

Selections from The Grannie Annie Family Story Celebration 2019/2020

Many stories in Grannie Annie, Vol. 15, relate to “home”: traveling far from home to explore an uncharted land; walking home, nearly 2,000 miles, after being released as a prisoner of war; fleeing from home, where your freedom (or your life) is threatened; unexpectedly spotting a familiar face from home when you’re thousands of miles away.

What is “home”? Can a place be “home” without your family? What if you’re a teenager alone on the streets?

Family members in Volume 15 must face questions like these: How shall I use my money and my power? Shall I sacrifice my dream in order to help others? Shall I stand up for someone who is being mistreated, even if it might cost me my life?

Volume 15 also includes fun — stories of pets, joyful surprises, and a spur-of-the-moment children’s backyard invention that has entertained millions.

The twenty-three stories in this volume represent the 403 stories submitted to The Grannie Annie this year. The stories take place in twelve U.S. states and ten countries on four continents — over a span of nearly 200 years. The stories entertain, educate, and inspire us, reminding us of the resilience of the human spirit. Our volunteer readers chose these stories with you and your family in mind, yet you may want to preview the stories before sharing them with young or sensitive readers.

We’re so pleased that you’ve joined us! We encourage you to discover and preserve some stories from your own family’s history. And we hope that you’ll join us again next year for The Grannie Annie Family Story Celebration.

Connie McIntyre and Fran Hamilton, Directors of The Grannie Annie


Anthology Copyright 2020; 23 family stories, representing all the stories submitted this year; Color cover, black-and-white interior illustrations. Read the Vol. 15 stories on this website.


DIGITAL EDITION, VOL. 15: Click here to download the complimentary PDF edition of Grannie Annie, Vol. 15.

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