Teacher Submission Form (E-mail)
The Grannie Annie Family Story Celebration, 2019/2020
For Students in U.S. Grades 4–8, and Homeschooled or International Students 9–14 Years of Age


Teachers who are submitting their students' work must include one copy of this form in addition to students' Submission Forms.

To e-mail this form, please "copy and paste" into the body of an e-mail. Then complete the form and send it, in addition to your students’ stories and signed, scanned Submission Forms, to Story@TheGrannieAnnie.org.

To mail, please print and include The Grannie Annie Teacher Submission Form, rather than this form, in addition to students’ Submission Forms.

Teachers outside of the United States, please note these alternate instructions for international submissions.

Teacher’s name:

Grade level/title:

E-mail address:

School name:

School mailing address:



ZIP code:


Telephone, including area code:

Is telephone number above a school or home number?

Mark grade level(s) of submissions included: 4–5 _____ 6–8 _____

Number of submissions included:

School publicity office to be contacted if your students’ submissions are selected for publication:


Telephone, including area code (optional):

Name of contact person (optional):

NOTE: To receive a free paperback copy of Grannie Annie, Vol. 15, to be published in May 2020, complete the brief Teacher Survey you will receive via e-mail following the receipt of your submissions.



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