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Grannie Annie published student 2017

Grannie Annie published student 2017
The Grannie Annie books
include historical family stories
and story illustrations
from those submitted to The
Grannie Annie each year by
students in grades 4–8.


Illustration for "A Creek Adventure" - Turtles climb the banks above an inviting, tree-lined creek
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10th Anniversary Volume:
Echoes from World War II
Young Authors Sharing Family Stories

Echoes from World War II - Young Authors Sharing Family Stories - front coverOrder Echoes from World War II (paperback and eBook editions available)

News about Echoes from World War II

The family stories in this book are remembered from battlefields, prison camps, and homes in twenty countries around the world. Passed down through generations, these compelling stories honor family members who courageously faced their challenges—many bravely living out their beliefs and celebrating their blessings. Sharing these stories sends echoes of inspiration, strength, and courage throughout our world today.

“The stories included here offer personal and powerful perspectives on World War II and what it meant to the people who lived through this period in our history. . . . These young authors—these young historians—are doing incredibly important and engaging work.”—Jody Sowell, Director of Exhibitions and Research, Missouri History Museum

— Discounts on Echoes from World War II are available for teachers, published families, and institutions.
Please contact The Grannie Annie for details.
Press page for Echoes from World War II



The Annual Grannie Annie Books

The mission of The Grannie Annie includes the celebration of family stories. Sharing family stories in a book is a wonderful way to celebrate! The annual volumes below are available in a variety of editions - paperback, PDF book, and eBook.

The stories published in the Grannie Annie books (and on this website) have taken place on six continents over a span of nearly 400 years, and were written by student authors from five countries. The stories include humor, adventure, hardship, and triumph. They help to connect readers with people from other places and other timesthey remind us of the fundamental experiences common to us all.

You're bound to find the Grannie Annie stories as amazing — and inspiring — as the student authors did. And with The Grannie Annie Index of Stories, you can easily locate stories on a particular topic. Share these books with your family, your friends, your school, your neighborhood retirement home, and othersthen watch the stories multiply!


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Grannie Annie, Vol. 12, cover: Sage background with quilt borders, features student drawing of a hungry boy with five ice cream cones

Volume 12

Grannie Annie, Vol. 11, book cover: Goldenrod with quilt borders; student illustration of a skier on a mountainside

Volume 11

Grannie Annie, Vol. 10 - front cover

Volume 10

Grannie Annie, Vol. 9: Historical Family Stories Written and Illustrated by Young People

Volume 9

Grannie Annie, Vol. 8, Historical Family Stories Written and Illustrated by Young People

Volume 8

Grannie Annie, Vol. 7, front cover

Volume 7

Grannie Annie, Vol. 6, cover

Volume 6

Grannie Annie, Vol. 5 book cover

Volume 5

Grannie Annie, Vol. 4 front cover

Volume 4

Grannie Annie, Vol. 3

Volume 3

Grannie Annie, Vol. 2

Volume 2

Grannie Annie, Vol. 1

Volume 1

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Volumes 2–10
in paperback — only $10 each. (Vol. 1 is sold out. Vol. 11 paperback is available through

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