Vol. 10


The Dirt Bike Dare

1980; St. Louis, Missouri, USA

“Quick! Ride it in!” my dad’s friend yelled.

My dad was in eighth grade. He loved his dirt bike. The day before “the ride” happened, his friends had dared him to do something he would regret. It was lunchtime at school, and they were all sitting around a green circle table outside. All of them were daring each other to do stupid stuff. They dared my dad to do something extravagant.

The day the ride happened, he and his friends gathered in the neighborhood to walk to school, as they did every day. They were tired, but ready to go to school. When they got to school, they were in the same classes, and they talked about the dare. My dad couldn’t back down now.

It was lunchtime, so Dad ran home to get his dirt bike. My dad put his helmet on and started his bike. His friends were waiting outside by the fence at school and began to run alongside the dirt bike. When they got to the front of the school, his friends opened the doors.

The dirt bike was so loud in the halls. School was now in session. His teacher was taking attendance when she heard the roar of the engine and saw the bike speeding through the halls like Speed Racer. She called the principal. Everyone in the school chased my dad. He went into the library and the gym, and even across the playground. He rode the dirt bike home, and his friends followed. They all walked nervously back to school, yet felt kind of cool.

When they got back to school, the teacher, principal, and even the cops were waiting to tear into my dad and his friends. My dad went to the principal’s office. He was not afraid until they called his mom! The principal made him talk to his mom on the phone and, of course, his mom was so mad. He was suspended for a week, and he got his dirt bike taken away for a month.

My dad didn’t regret one moment of that day.

Roman Weaver; Missouri, USA


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