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1946; St. Louis, Missouri, USA"Starlight" illustration: A pony is happy in a grassy field under a night sky with stars and a moon

When you were a little kid and could fit onto your grandpa’s lap, he might have told you stories all day about when he was a little kid. Well, that goes the same with this story. When I was a little kid, I would sit on my grandpa’s lap, and he would tell me stories about when he was my age. There is one story that I always remembered.

From the day he was born to the day he left for college, my grandpa lived on a farm. His dad was a milk deliveryman, and his mom worked around the house. A farm life is much different from a city life today.

Living on a farm meant having a lot of animals. Grandpa had many chickens, ducks, pigs, turkeys, and other animals. At the heart of it all, he had one miniature pony named Starlight. She was a beautiful dark brown pony with a black mane. He loved to feed and brush her.

Grandpa’s family was not wealthy, so he would have to kill most of the animals so they could eat. My grandpa hated doing this, but when he looked at Starlight, he knew it was the right thing to do to kill the other animals. That was the only way his family could eat!

One day he got the news that he had to sell Starlight so his family could have the money for the things they needed to live. He was horrified when he heard this, but he realized there was no other way. He sold Starlight and got the money to pay his parents.

Grandpa tells me that he will never forget Starlight, and I never will either.

Libby Holmes; Missouri, USA

Illustrator: Mya Gray; Missouri, USA

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Photo of the pony Starlight, below, compliments of the author's family.

Family photo of Starlight, ready to be groomed


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