Vol. 11


One Little Girl, One Night’s Journey

1942; Surry, Virginia, USA"One Little Girl One Nights Journey" illustration: A small girl sleeps in her own bed; her cat is on the window sill.

“Do you think she’ll be okay?” asked her mother worriedly. “I mean she’s just five.”

“My Sissie? Oh, she’ll have a great time with Great-Grandmother,” expressed her father confidently.

The little girl, who was five years old, was a very curious country girl who would finally spend the night at her grandmother’s. As she cooked her favorite meal on the wood stove, she dreamed about how her grandmother’s rooms would look.

The little girl walked up to the wood stove and peered in at the bubbling water. The bubbling water reminded her of the excitement bubbling inside her. “I’m going to Grandmother’s tonight,” she reminded herself while stirring the pot.

The smell wafted into the cozy den, and her mother wandered in saying, “The chicken smells wonderful! Are you excited to go to Grandmother’s?”

“Oh, yes! Jackie went to her grandmother’s house, and she said it was amazing!” exclaimed the little girl.

“How about you check if you’re all packed up?”

The little girl dashed to her room, her heart beating in her chest. She checked. “Yep, all packed.” She picked up her tomcat from the windowsill and gave him a hug and kiss goodbye.

Once she was done eating her favorite meal, she skipped to the door. Then she squeezed on her Chucks, fastened the shoelaces in a double knot, and started her trip to her grandmother’s.

When the little girl arrived at her grandmother’s, she could smell the fragrances from inside. The little girl knocked on the door, and was greeted by the aroma of tea. Her grandmother took the hot kettle off the burner. After they had gotten settled and started their tea, Grandmother said, “Looks like there’ll be some frost in the morn’.” The little girl could see the frost creeping like fingers up the window.

They had chatted about many things and were ready to go to bed. They snuggled down under loads of covers, and Grandmother fell asleep.

The little girl was still wide-awake and unwinding from all the excitement. She felt sad suddenly, but had no idea why. She thought back to the beginning of the day when her dad had let her sleep in and skip her chores because today she got to go to Grandmother’s. “Oh, Daddy, how I miss you! I wish you were here with me to comfort me.” She sighed. The little girl leaned over and kissed her grandmother on the cheek, then crawled out of bed.

She grabbed her bag and started to walk out the door. She traveled down the hall to her parents’ room and told them she was staying in her own bed. As she tiptoed past her grandmother’s room to hers, her heart warmed. She was finally home.

You can get homesick anywhere. My grandmother Carol learned the hard way. Carol still laughs about the moment when she traveled the ten steps out her great-grandmother’s door back to her own warm, cozy bed.

Grace Andrews; Missouri, USA

Illustrator: Jordan Preis; Missouri, USA



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