Vol. 10


Did You See What I Think I Saw?

November 1968; southwest Missouri, USA "Did You See What I Think I Saw?" - Illustration by Willow A. Hanff: A car drives down a wooded road at night when a bright, magnificent oval light appears in the sky

It was four o’clock in the morning when my grandpa and his friend Bob departed to drive the last two hours to their cabin in southwest Missouri. They were going deer hunting. Both of them were having a good time — shooting the breeze, playing music, and laughing the whole way there.

They were on a narrow road, about thirty minutes closer to the cabin where they would stay that night. The area was forested all around the property and the road. My grandpa maneuvered the car down the dark road. They kept anticipating the deer they were going to get on this trip. All of a sudden there was a bright light above the treetops. This light was so bright and magnificent — it stung their eyes to look at it. The light kept coming towards them. It got so incredibly close to them that it stunned them into silence. The car immediately went dead. Everything shut down. The light briefly hovered over the car. When my grandpa and Bob turned around, the light was gone. The light had come at them and then was gone — just like that. Both of them were just sitting there in silence. After a couple of minutes my grandpa started the car, and everything worked and started up fine.

My grandpa said, “Did you see what I think I saw?”

Bob said seriously, “I never want to talk about this again.”

My grandpa said, “Okay,” and was silent the rest of the way to the cabin.


They got up the next morning, and my grandpa said, “That wasn’t a dream yesterday, was it?”

“No!” Bob answered. “I told you that I never want to talk about it again.”

Three days later my grandpa and Bob were on their way home on the same road, and they noticed that about a mile-wide stretch of treetops had been sheared off. My grandpa said it was frightening and drove home. The next week in the newspaper there was an article about various sightings of something strange in the sky in southwest Missouri.

To this day my grandpa is unsure what that light was. He says it was a great big oval shape. I’d never heard this story until my grandpa told this to me. When my grandpa talks about this scary story, he has the same frightened feelings he had when he saw the light above the treetops.

Drew Hollman; Missouri, USA

Illustrator: Willow A. Hanff; Colorado, USA


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