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The lists below are divided by the author's state, and then by groups of authors whose stories were submitted by the same teacher or parent. Smaller groups appear first.

If you submitted a story during the 2018/2019 school year and your name does not appear below, or if your name is not spelled correctly below, please let us know as soon as possible. Corrections received before April 15th will be included in Grannie Annie, Vol. 14, and at the Family Stories Festival.

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Authors and Story Titles, Grades 4–5

Alabama Authors

Dasha Belopolsky — "The Magnificent Move to America"
Mary Hanson Borders — "Excitement in the Sky"
Zoë Burnley — "Finding the Right University"
Kennedy "Kiik" Doyle — "My Grandmother Can't Drive!"
Morgan Durant — "Mr. Gardner Please?"
Thomas Fleming — "Capture in the Ardennes Forest: Battle of the Bulge"
James "Powell" Fry — "The Reason for My Name"
Andrew Holman Gray — "The Airport Cat"
Paine Gray — "The Great Coin"
Gabrielle N. Johnson — "Vacationing in Hawaii"
Stella Kidd — "Junior's Red Boot"
Thomas G. Langloh — "The Adventure of My Uncle Tim"
Catherine Lard — "Top Secret Town"
Jaiden Lee — "A Child's Promise, a Doctor's Passion"
Lauren Lee — "Heart of God"
Gracie Marble — "Who Needs America's Got Talent When You Have
The Ted Mack Amateur Hour?"
(Lua) Louisa Markert — "Baba and the Bear"
Zunair Mulji — "The Mystery of the Pool Pooper"
Gabriel O'Donnell — "The Clapping Leaves"
Kyrie Reeves — "Distinguished Flying, and Falling"
Aubrey Sanders — "A Sailor's Story"
Samantha Settle — "The Water Disasters"
Anne Milbray Smith — "The Miracle of the Bloody Finger"
Ben Smith — "Grandfather"
Madison Standifer — "The Trouble with Senior Pranks"
Nicky Stephenson — "The Road Ahead"
Isabell Viles — "Keep Up the Fire"


Colorado Authors

Mai Gherardi — "Bonjour, America"

Adelyn Miller — "From Inside the Pueblo"
Naomi Railsback — "Finding Your Way Home"
Kaley Bree Turner — "A Road to Success"

Isabel M. Ammerman — "The First Deer Hunt"
Dagny Dash — "The Birdkeeper of Reed Avenue"
Hadley Donnelly — "Silver Ring"
Tanvia Dua — "The Partition"
Shiva Garuda — "Life or Candy?"
Tammi Vo — "The Liberty Voyage"


Missouri Authors

Lizzie Avery — "Chocolate from the Bathroom Cabinet"
Tori Brand — "A Miracle of Life"
Peyton Davies — "Rags to Riches"
Tristan Truett Fusco — "The Ruskin Heights Tornado"
Brady Holtgrewe — "Life in the Country"
Andrea Jane Olsen — "My Adventures on the Old Farm"
Silas Osterhoff — "The Day My Great-Grampa Almost Died"
Noah Schuster — "Artillery in Vietnam"
Stephen T. Skaggs — "Always Be Honest"
Jadyn Stern — "The Hippie Under the Hair Dryer"
Noah Suthar — "A Vietnam War Hero"

Logan Briesemeister — "The Santa Fe"
Scarlet Brothers — "Things Will Always Turn Out Okay"
Noah Clark — "The Wagon That Got Away"
Dalton Costick — "Hot Hit"
Raleigh Delf — "The Little Breyer Horse"
Jansen Dents — "Thousand-Degree Church"
Preston Eash — "Small Town Parade"
Zoe Finley — "When I Got Diagnosed"
Griffin Grabowski — "The Red House"
Jacob A. Green — "Cavalry Runaway"
Aiden Hasek — "Join the Fight for Freedom"
Hank Karlovic — "Twelve Months in Iraq"
Luke Levy — "Up and Over the Ravine"
Jay Mainard — "World War II Life"
Elizabeth Merrill — "His Name Was Alfie"
Jonah Stolker — "Selma Kramer with the Native Americans"
Connor Sullivan — "The Egg Incident"
Abbie Todisman — "Christmas Under Water"
Sae Williams — "Ghosty Posty"
West Wilson — "The Lake House Party"


New Jersey Authors

Alexander D. "My Childhood"
Alex Zhong — "A Survival Story"
Hannah Zou — "Blessings of Lunar New Year"


New York Authors

Pesha Sara Ackerman — "Thunderstorm Weddings"
Leeby Amsel — "A Mother's Kiss"
Yehudis Aronovitch — "Tickets to America"
Atara Cooper — "Coming to America"
Racheli Dvash — "The Amazing Dream"
Atara Elias — "The Missing Number"
Tamar Hisiger — "The Troublemaker"
Yocheved Hochster — "Disaster in the Restaurant"
Esther Koenig — "The Name Changer"
Shaindy Levenson — "All Because His Father Died"
Shana Margulies — "The Miracles"
Shayna Tova Mason — "Presents and the President"
Tziporah Chaya Mosheh — "Lost Memories"
Rochel Noble — "Not Enough Money"
Adina Orbach — "The Lost Diamond"
Leah Tropper — "There Goes the Bulldozer"

Yael Chana Badalov — "Saved from the Snake"
Batya Cohen — "Surviving the Holocaust"
Shoshana Dym — "Following Your Heart's Desire"
Naomi Isakov — "The Truth"
Miriam Lapp — "The New Path"
Rivka Levant — "The Little House on the Prairies"
Shira Matatov — "Life and Death"
Gali Osofsky — "The Traveling Spice Holder"
Tziri Rosenholtz — "The Petrifying Night"
Eliana Sassoon — "The World's Kindest Man"
Avigael Sdayeb — "Plane and Simple"
Yael Shemtov — "Even War Can't Break Humanity"
Rivka Tabibov — "Laundry in Russia"
Racheli Welcher — "The Sliced Finger"
Elisheva Yakubov — "The Bold Move"
Tamar Emma Yusupov — "A Hot Burn"

Naomi Yaffa Acobas — "Saved by a Parrot"
Batsheva Baalhaness — "Leaving Iran"
Dena Basalely — "A Simple Man with a Big Heart"
Tzipora Malka Ben-Ari — "Grandma's Adventure to Jerusalem"
Gila Beylus — "The Amen Group"
Esther Bilitzky — "The Fruit Man Story"
Atara Bleiberg — "The Kindness of My Grandmother"
Sophie Buzzini — "The Kindness of a Few Men"
Dalia Chulpayev — "The Jewelry"
Miriam Hammer — "The Red Scarf"
Aliza Howitt — "Should We Knock on the Door?"
Adina Katz — "The Very Big Raffle"
Tzipora Lapp — "The Crazy Ride"
Talya Mendelson — "The Missing Fish"
Yaelle Merrill — "The Great Escape"
Aden Muskat — "The Escape"
Peri Rosenholtz — "India"
Rivka Schwartz — "Skating on the Lake"
Sarah Tropper — "The Homeless Man in the Kitchen"
Baylee Wargon — "A Changed Name"

Avital Akilov — "The Sharp Pin"
Tikki Boiangiu — "The Shul Walk"
Rivky Braffman — "A Big Thought in the River"
Rebekah Dobay — "The Family Dog"
Aviva Gewanter — "The Cleaning Material"
Shoshana Glatt — "A Man with a Plan"
Blima Hershman — "Spinach or Ice Cream"
Sarah Horowitz — "The Emergency"
Malkie Kaminetzky — "Saving the Stars"
Shaina Katz — "The Dangerous Mouthwash"
Tziporah Koslowitz — "The Kidney Stone"
Kaylie Maslansky — "Crawling Across the Street"
Bracha Maybruch — "How My Great-Grandparents Got Married"
Shira Meirov — "The Glass Door"
Ester Muradov — "The Runaway"
Emmy Paris — "A Catered Kindness"
Sara Leah Praeger — "A Time to Remember"
Adina Sokoloff — "The Special Coins"
Rachel Walfish — "The Second Thumbtack"
Yocheved Wasserlauf — "The Dairy Queen"

Leah Berger — "The Journey Through Israel"
Kayla Brukner — "The Memory Plant"
Mikayla Cohen — "Little Things Count"
Jesse Davis — "The Long Journey to America"
Lily Diamond — "The 9–11 Catastrophe"
Eva Edery — "A Childhood Different from My Own"
Atara Frankel — "The Korean War"
Tamar Frankel — "My Great-Great-Grandfather Isaac Mond"
Ari Friedman — "The Unexpected Trip to Manhattan"
Eliana Goldman — "The Howdy Doody Show"
Eitan Goldress — "The Bike Accident"
Annie Goldschmiedt — "The Blackout"
Jacob Gordon — "The Stolen Potatoes"
Max Grossman — "The Crazy Horn"
Evie Haar — "A Dime"
Adam Hedvat — "Going to Iran"
Dovid Holczer — "The Escape from Hungary"
Yosef Holczer — "The Bushel"
Lauren Hyman — "NYPD President"
Aliyah Kahn — "A Long-Lasting Love of Theater"
Sarah Kalter — "First Grade with No Shoes"
Daniel Kazakov — "The Wedding Problem"
Elan Klein — "The Ticket"
Shachar Klein — "The Adventure on the Bay"
Shalhevet Koenigsberg — "A Fall for the Good"
Noam Dovid Leban — "The Ink Incident"
Meira Levine — "The Russian Experience"
Tehila Lieberman — "A Mother's Love for Her Son"
Yeshaya Lubner — "The Civet"
Stephanie Macagno — "The Mall Tragedy"
Isaac Masri — "My Family's Holocaust Story"
Shira Massihesraelian — "The Revolution in Iran"
Gila Moskowitz — "The Train Ride"
Jasmine Nurieli — "Never Give Up Hope"
Atara Oppenheim — "The Torah Dedication"
Jonathan Paimany — "The Big Escape"
Avi Pearlman — "The Day My Great-Grandmother Held Up a Train"
Ashi Pelikow — "The Miracle of the Tallis Bag"
Yonina Pfeffer — "Reunited at Last"
Jonathan William Yoni Pfeifer — "Speeding"
Layla Pinson — "My Aunt Was Born"
Haim Razla — "Twin Towers Destroyed"
Tehila Reiss — "Miracles Happen Everywhere"
Eliav Rothbort — "The Lost Boy"
Netanel Sadigh — "How the Birds Flew Back"
Tara Sebbag — "Soup in a Bathtub"
T. J. Serber — "Where To?
Sophia Shahravan — "Car Crash"
Elisha Takhalov — "Miracle"
Elana Traum — "Getting a Job"
Rachel Turk — "The Lucky Baby"


Ohio Authors

Olivia Benefield — "The Blizzard of 1978"
Alex Davis — "The Doomsday Rabbit Invasion"
Matthew Grothaus — "An Unfortunate Trip"
Devin Modlin — "The Dangerous Hike"
Kevin Ni — "Teacher Wu"
Lucas Rudolph — "The Day They Won"
Adam Shoman — "My Dad's Journey"
Arana Wahab — "Anger and Frustration"
Mitchell Wisniewski — "The Half-Eaten Dessert"
Brady Zare — "The Snow Shift"

Chloe Dieter — "The Spelling Bee"
Callie Elder — "Jack's Terrifying Best Time Ever"
Sophia Gedman — "The Motorcycle Mishap"
Kylie Gerken — "A Baby"
Mallory Humphrey — "Poland to America"
Ryan Parker — "The Trip to Ireland"
Josie Phillips — "Half the Dam"
Ava Shaffer — "Love So Deep"
Autumn Smith — "A Tail of Two Kitties"
Esther Sohn — "Family Separated Forever"
Izzy Spears — "How I Almost Died Before I Died"
Olivia Thober — "How Dogs Changed My Uncle's Life"
Corrin Voltz — "First Flight on 9/11"









Authors and Story Titles, Grades 6–8

Alabama Authors

Lily Naylor — "70-Pound Soldiers"


Idaho Authors

Mariah Dent — "Kidnapped"
Kaylee Farnsworth — "Grandpa Kirk's 1980 Chevy Pickup"
Xander Patterson — "The Journey to Utah"


Missouri Authors

Julia Crowe — "Mr. Banes's Predicament"
Sarah Ding — "An Unforgettable Journey on the Island"
Isabel Draper — "The Cross-Country Road Trip"
Courtney Wu — "The Cookbook"

Carter Chance — "A Legacy Toward Equality"
Abigail F. Neulinger — "When the Bombs Took My House Away"
Maddy Pense — "Forty-Eight Years"
Hannah Puetz — "The Hospital Room"
Myk Weldon — "The Yellow Dress"

Jackie Briner — "Mysterious Masked People"
Simone Duncan — "Part of Lauren's World"
Luke E. Hornburg — "The Sunken Truck"
Karissa Hsu — "The Inheritance of Hope"
McKenna Wittenauer — "Dream Come True"

Dylan Beal — "A Spectacular Discovery"
Ryan Doyle — "The Riverport Riot"
Grace A. Earnhart — "The Bermuda Shorts"
Eli Eaton — "The Blizzard of 1982"
Elizabeth Fieser — "Scariest Hunting Trip Ever"
Sophia Horsefield — "Murder or Self-Defense?"
Ryan Krygiel — "The Lens-Cap Rescue"
Alexandra Moore — "Miracle in the Hollar"
Adrian Portell — "Witchcraft or Insanity?"
Averie West — "A Time of Innocence"

Cadance Benson — "Bob Kloeppel and the Evil Chicken"
Dante Benson — "Dangers of Corn"
Leo Berding — "The Baseball Game in 1984"
Ava Bischof — "Pumpkin Head"
Elise Boschert — "Stationed in Germany"
James Bowman — "Buzzer Beater"
Josie Brengarth — "No More Fireworks"
Alex Brennaman — "Security"
Cameron Brown — "The Cattle-Prod Catastrophe"
Mackenzie Carff — "What Is That?"
Jack T. Cherniawski — "Time in the Air Force"
Audrey Christian — "Just One Light"
Lexi Conti — "A Good Idea Gone Wrong"
Sofia Daws — "Immigration from Mexico to St. Louis"
Lindsay Dendrinelis — "When My Grandparents Met"
Logan Doyle — "A Navy Day Gone Wrong"
Maia Durnbaugh — "Growing Up on a Farm in Ohio"
Lydia Elking — "Army Journey"
Ava Fernández — "Sobrevivientes (Survivors)"
Quinn Fogarty — "The Day I Almost Died"
Mikey Giannotti — "A Game to Remember"
Weston Grabow — "The Flood of Dead Horse Hollow"
Sydney Hamilton — "French Class"
Ava Harper — "June Bug"
Tyler Hicks — "Grandpa's Trip to Thailand"
Taylor Holdmeier — "Angels Among Us"
Ben Hollman — "Family's Palace"
Reed Hunter — "The Plan"
Kinley Jacobi — "The Sled Crash"
Max Jacobsmeyer — "The Generous Mail Route"
Van Johnson — "The Life Saver"
William B. Kandlbinder — "Light Sensation"
Cami Kohmetscher — "On the Way Home"
Mason Kohout — "Cat Catastrophe"
Jake Kuenne — "The Green Hornet Streetcar Disaster"
Charlie Lafata — "Lost in Germany"
Aaron Lehmbeck — "One Phone Call"
Gracie Luedde — "Dinnertime"
Addie Martin — "Whiteout"
Meghan Maschmeyer — "The Best Trip Ever"
Addison M. McCrory — "The Bear"
Faith Meyer — "On Top of the World"
Chase Morgan — "The Special Dress"
Maxwell Mueller — "Camping Catastrophe"
Olivia Mueller — "Dad Gets in Big Trouble"
Charlotte Murr — "The One Who Did It All"
Priscilla Nicholas — "The Trip of His Life"
Emma Nolan — "A Tree Tradition Transformed"
Patrick Nolan — "The Fake Submarine"
Kyle O'Keefe — "Dog Days"
Perry Oetjen — "You Crazy Fools!"
Rachel Paluczak — "The Broken Engine"
Kevin Pierce — "A Family Pet"
Ashlynn M. Piñon — "Winning the National Championship"
Avery Piñon — "A Christmas Miracle"
Gabriel A. Ponce — "The Six-Year-Old Desire"
Ava Rademeyer — "Surviving the Crash"
Nathan Ray — "A Life Without Marty"
Kannon M. Reisch — "The Toomskinners"
Patrick Robson — "Don't Get Carpet"
Karsten P. Sandbothe — "The First Job"
Evan W. Schmitt — "The Baseball Dream"
Sarah Schneider — "The Twins and a Chili Pepper"
John Schuster — "A Dirty Trick"
Natalie Snyder — "The Test"
Blake Spiller — "Summer Tragedy"
Will Stephens — "The Crazy Car Catastrophe"
Oliver Stiles — "Grandpa's Car Crash"
Connor Stone — "Simulator Specialist"
Charlie Stone — "The Farm Destruction"
Meghan Thorpe — "A Secret Love Story"
Riley Torbit — "The Family Spy"
Luciana Venetis — "Coming from Cuba"
Ella vonAlmen — "The American German"
Peyton Watts — "Chased to the Airport"
Sydney Wedberg — "Hooked"
Ethan Weis — "A Hero in the Flood of 1993"
Nathan Wessler — "The Mischievous Goat"
Lauren Wiley — "A Pig's Place at Home"
Brady Witte — "Spiderman Gets Caught"
Lucas Wolff — "Grandma and the Seven Boys"
Henry Wood — "Recruited"
Nora E. Zoellner — "Candy Kid"
Nick Zywiciel — "The Humiliating Bouquet"

Emma Allen — "The Knopf German Christmas"
James Colby Alpert — "Camp Chaminade"
Asher Amanuel — "The Deadly South"
Hailey Anderson — "The Events at Lake Taneycomo"
Cole Andrews — "The Puppy in the Dorm Room"
Ben Atkins — "Spiders in My Safe Space"
Joshua Avery — "Bad Candy"
Meredith Bahnak — "Not All Heroes Wear Capes"
Harrison Bailey — "The Incident"
Emma Ballew — "Blink of an Eye"
Ashley Beam — "A Living Miracle"
Ava Becker — "Trying to Survive"
Eric Bellamy — "The Big Hit"
Isaac Boss — "$18,379 — The Price That Changed My Dad's Life"
Walker Brand — "The Jump"
Caidan Brophy — "Sir, May I Carry Your Bag?"
Molly Kate Bugh — "It's Just a Drill"
Max Burgdorf — "The Storm"
Andrew Cahill — "Right Place, Right Time"
David Cahill — "The Rock vs. the Streetcar"
Elliott Campbell — "The Backfired Trick"
Lexi Cella — "The Big Day"
Skylar Chan — "Under Water"
Elsa Chapell — "The Big Chase"
Madison Collins — "Dad's Stolen Identity"
Caden S. Collison — "Bootleg"
Maggie Dalby — "A Storm of Bad Choices"
William Dana — "Melted Butter"
Maddie Dean — "Stuck"
Emma Dempsey — "Carved in Her Heart"
Hannah Drooger — "The Big Blue"
Kohen D. Earleywine — "My Parents' Love Story"
Natalie Edwards — "Car Troubles"
Anna Enger — "A Brothers' Quarrel"
Aidan Espy — "A Murderer on the Loose"
Katie Grace Fadlovich — "Into the Ravine"
Trey Feeney — "The Long Way Home"
C. J. Francois — "Lighting Leader"
John Galakatos — "Easter Bunny Incident"
Hannah Georgy — "The Lost Child"
Lauren Gingerich — "Rumbles of the Heart"
Lane Goodwin — "Quicksand"
Ryder S. Grega — "Not Worth It"
Ryan Guebert — "The Big Game"
Huntleigh Elliott Hager — "The Costly Switch"
Michael Harris — "D-Day"
Lexi Heberer — "Horrid Study Night"
Rebecca Heienickle — "Trust But Verify"
Elizabeth Hickel — "The Totally Unexpected Cow Incident"
Sabrina Holohan — "Ziplining Gone Wrong!"
Aidan James Irby — "How the Army Changed My Life"
William Jinkins — "The Florida Incident"
Ella Johnson — "A Simple Gift"
Cody Kilgore — "No Control"
Avery Kline — "Bert and Cherry"
Lucy Knerr — "Speck of Hope"
Hannah Lawson — "Uncle Vernon's Bad Day"
Angela Lee — "The Lollipop Challenge"
Grace Lojka — "Wrong Time, Wrong Place"
Nick Londono — "The Encounter"
Nathan Long — "An Easter to Remember"
Hadley M. McConkey — "Perils of War"
Grace E. Mitchell — "A Teaching Mishap"
Faith Moeller — "A Terrible Mistake"
Joey Morici — "Joseph Sheehan"
Lydia Muehleisen — "The Spoon"
Lew Murray — "The Calamitous Candy Disaster"
Jack Nelson — "Camping"
Shep Nye — "The Houseboat"
Nehemiah Oginni — "One Crazy Trip"
Mallory E. Pfuetze — "An Accident in Vietnam"
Amila Pieris — "An Unexpected Ally"
Corinne Plumb — "On Fire"
Maya Raleigh — "A Broken-Ski Day"
Ellie Reel — "5,662-Mile Difference"
Ava Rockwood — "In This Burning House"
Julia Grace Roemerman — "The Bus Angel"
Maddox William Rosenberg — "It Looks Thin"
Rebecca Rothrock — "The Unexpected Check-Up"
Florence M. Sarra — "Room for Two"
Cameron Schlegl — "Frank's Mistake"
Morgan Schulte — "Percival's Disappearance"
John Schweppe — "Never Forget"
Genevieve R. Selk — "In the Midst of a Blizzard"
Alex Shoemaker — "Crazy Car Adventure"
Matt Small — "Dread"
Drew Stegmann — "How to Deal with Bullies"
Allison Stilt — "Doyle's Disaster"
Cooper Sturr — "The Prank"
Logan Swenson — "The Airport Disaster"
Ben Taylor — "The Icy Accident"
Colin P. Torretta — "The Booming Terror of World War 2"
Kate Van Zee — "Whack-a-Mole Rats"
Sam Villa — "A Scary Sequence in the Bahamas"
Gwen Wardenburg — "The Snake Situation"
London Weiler — "How My Parents Met"
Tamara White — "The Fall"
Peyton Whitley — "Love and Compassion Towards Others"
Gabrielle Willette — "Crashed!"
Mason R. Wittock — "Fate"
Malaina Wright — "My Grandpa Proved Them Wrong"
Christian Young — "The Dog That Could"
Sophia Zara — "Unforgettable Moment"
Rocco Zavaglia — "Play Pretend"


Nebraska Authors

Jennavieve Baker — "School"
Darci Buck — "The Seven Tornadoes of June 3, 1980"
Emma Corman — "Journey to America"
Canon Holley — "A Secret Assignment"
Morgan Johnson — "Follow Your Dreams"
Cooper Perrott — "The Army Trail"
Taesian Soto — "A Heart-Stopper"
Callie Wadas — "The Window"
Zaden Wolf — "All Is Not Lost"


New Jersey Authors

Arianna Huang — "Bitten"
Andrew K. — "A Piranha in the Toilet"
Elizabeth Yunjue Li — "The Homesick Weeper"
Emily Lu — "The One Who Saved His Life"
Katelyn Wang — "Wild"
Karen Yang — "My Father's Game of Dreams"
Amber Yu — "Can We Go Home?"
Katherine Zhu — "Education Is the Passport to the Future"


North Carolina Authors

Grace Blair — "Runaway Camper"
Ella Churchill — "Herkimer: A Symbol for Bravery"
Drew Cox — "Enduring Your Fate"
Lucy Abbott Fader — "The Missing Eyebrows Mishap"
Bailey Grace Franklin — "Las Vegas"
Nell Mason Morris — "Becoming Commissioner"
A. W. Tribula — "Before Honor"

Sophia Akhter — "The Hospital Surprise"
Jordyn Baysden — "Jenn's Cancer"
Joah Briley — "Papa's 55"
Garrett Byrd — "Hook in the Cheek"
Luke Corbett — "My Family's Champion"
Seth Edwards — "Grannie at Gunpoint"
Ele Elden — "My Great-Grandpa Goes to Japan"
Joseph Ferebee — "Thomas Wilson Ferebee"
Eliza Grady — "The President Comes to Dinner"
Xander Griffin — "My Confection Connection"
Caroline Hort — "Wedding on the Pitcher's Mound"
Allen Hutchinson — "The Wire"
Rebecca Iskander — "A Miracle"
Ellen Jones — "He Made the Shot"
Thomas Jones — "The Bloody Eye"
Will Joyner — "The Beyond-Compare KFCs"
Sasha Kats — "The Move"
Georgie Lewis — "Surviving Pearl Harbor"
Landen Lucas — "How My Parents Met"
Wells Mahoney — "Road Trippin'"
Eliza Manning — "Captured"
Jackson McCarren — "Metzy and Maggie Are Lost"
Molly Measamer — "A Hero"
Madie Morgan — "When Fishing Goes Wrong"
Sydney Lee Myers — "The Honeycutt Tragedy"
Landon Nelson — "A Birthday Surprise"
Max Nelson — "The Heist"
Porter Radcliff — "The Time My Grandpa Almost Died"
Leah Kate Riggs — "World-Wide"
Braxton Rouse — "Pappy's Revenge"
Jaylen Solomon — "The Uncle I Never Knew"
Dayva Sugg — "Loss of a Finger"
Evan Sugg — "The Never-Ending Baseball Game"
Charlie Sutton — "A Life of Courage"
Kelly Ta — "Grandpa's Half Life"
Alaina Waldron — "The Coke Bottle"
Mitchell Wheelis — "How My Grandpa Almost Went Blind"
Anna Claire Wiggins — "A Family's Legacy"
Abigail Williamson — "A Mom She Would Be"
Libby Wood — "The War Hero"

Chloe Albritton — "Remembering Past Mistakes"
Max Andrews — "The Thanksgiving Call"
Makari Baisden — "One Man's Fight"
Blake Brodish — "A Helping Hand: The Explosion of West Pharmaceuticals"
Lexi Connolly — "A Gift from God"
Katelyn Corbett — "Our Hero"
R. J. Cummings — "A Normal Day at Work"
William Evans — "The First Million-Dollar Contract"
Isabel Faulkner — "Growing Local"
Mary Pat Ferebee — "Facing Death in Darkness"
Allie Grace Frank — "Timing Is Everything"
Sydney Taylor — "Top Spy"
Thomas Grady — "Unbreakable: The Bond of a Dog and Her Boy"
Killen Harper — "The Last Friday of Summer"
Hannah Herlong — "Wishful Thinker for a Positive Life"
Mary Elizabeth Hutchinson — "An Icy Walk for Life"
Kaitlyn Iannace — "An Untold Story of 9/11"
Holland Killinger — "The Terrifying Turnover"
Charles Perry Mizelle — "A Flame Upon Water"
Maura Nelson — "The Fire at Bertie Hunting Club"
Isha Omer — "The Lie to End All Lies"
Kat Owsley — "A Close Call"
Henri Paris — "The Statue"
Dorsey Parrott — "Parrott Brothers"
Hunter Pope — "The Decision"
Ryder Pressly — "The Wreck of 1988"
Stockton Rouse — "The Trip of a Lifetime"
Will Rouse — "Get Help"
Allison Sydes — "Angie"
Olivia Thomas — "She Insisted . . ."
Adyson Whaley — "Before the Sun Goes Down"
Layla Whitfield — "A Toddler's Tune"
Eleanor Elizabeth Wooten — "Space Alien"
Muhammed Dawud Woqas — "Disabled But Not Different"


Ohio Authors

Tressel Holton — "Princess Great-Great-Great-Great-Grandma"
Darine M. Schreidah — "Found in the Ashes"

Brooklyn Fleck — "Losing It All"
Kenneth Kochan — "The Bootleggers"
Aubree Pickard — "The Life of My Parents in Minnesota"



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